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               ABOUT NEEM OIL        
         Neem Oil has been traditionally used in India for centuries and up until   DRAGON FLY
         now was relatively unknown within the western world - until today!   
         However, the uses for Neem Oil are now pretty endless and are widely  
         used as beauty products, for garden care on fruit trees, vegetable plants  
         and even as a highly effective organic pesticide & natural fungicide.   
         In Mediterranean Europe, many palms have suffered a traumatic fate    ADULT LAPWING
         due to the infestation of the dreaded Red Palm Weevil & Palm Moth.  
         Arriving on the Iberian coastline some years ago from Africa, this  
         destructive little bug has left gardeners' pulling their hair out!   
             How does our Neem Oil work as a insecticide/ pesticide?   HOVER FLY
          It's not a 'quick knock down' product, the way this unique oil works is
          by tricking the Red Palm Weevil's hormone system into 'disabling'.   
          Once the weevil has eaten part of it's host [your treated palm tree] or
          parts of your beautiful garden the weevil will simply 'forget' to mate,        
          therefore suppressing it's maturity affecting it's on going life-cycle!  LADYBIRD 
          In simple terms, once any 'pest' has digested any part of your garden   
          that was protected with Neem Oil, it will forget to function normally.  
          It will stop eating, flying and mating.  Any eggs laid within those first  
          few days after being in contact with the Neem Oil, they won't hatch!     
          Neem oil is not a chemical so give it a chance, you won't see an        BEETLES
            immediate effect straight away it works differently to other pesticides.  
                 Who's it good for & why?
             Neem Oil is non toxic for our beneficial insects, the reason behind this, SPIDERS
             is because insects need to digest the Neem Oil, so any of the insects    
             that don't eat your plants  i.e. our beneficial insects pictured here,    
             shouldn't be affected.  Our advice to anyone using Neem Oil in their    
             garden, should spray in the early hours of the morning or late    
             evening. Avoiding our friendly little bugs, because we wouldn't want     
             them caught in the cross fire.   PRAYING MANTIS
             Once you've sprayed your garden or infested palms, by spraying early    
             in the morning, it gives the Neem Oil time to dry properly before the  
            beneficial insects become active and welcome a new day!    
          Thus protecting our very important bees!     
          After approximately 2-3 days you should see a result!   FIREFLY
                   How to use Neem Oil & in what quantity?     
            Please follow our instructions for use as the quantities are specific:    
            Dilute 20 ml of Neem Oil per 5 litres of water.    BEES
            Please note; as oil and water do not mix you will need an emulsifier to    
            help disperse the Neem Oil in the water.   
            Liquid dish soap works well, add 6 ml of fairy liquid to 5 litres of the  
          diluted Neem, which should do the trick.   
            Application:   MANTIS
            Using a watering can if access is easy, apply enough solution into the    
            crown of the palm tree to provide complete coverage.   
            Spray for awkward areas. Spray the trunk and cover the fronds.  
            front & back to cover for fungi protection.   
           *  Don’t forget to frequently mix the solution as you spray.    
           *  Always spray early morning or late evening.
           *  Non-toxic to humans. [only use externally & not by pregnant women]
           *  Not harmful to our precious bees or pets.    beneficial
           *  No expiry date.   insects
           *  The amount you use depends solely on the size of your garden.  
           *   An effective fertilizer    
           *  Repeat this application every 3 days or so.    
         *  Monitor for a time period of 2-3 weeks... ongoing in serious cases.    
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