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               ABOUT NEEM OIL ... for Equine Health & Pet Care.    
         Neem Oil has been traditionally used in India for centuries and    HORSEFLY 
         up until now was relatively unknown within the western world!     
         However, the uses for 100% Organic Neem Oil are now pretty
         endless and are widely used as beauty products, for garden care,  
         fruit trees, vegetable plants & ornamentals, for agriculture,   
         equine health and domestic pet care and even as a highly effective     
         organic pesticide & natural fungicide.   SWEET ITCH 
             Buy 100 % Organic Neem Oil Online and use for the 
             prevention of horsefly, sweet itch, mud fever, 
                horse lice, sandfly, fleas & ticks.    
               MUD FEVER 
          Our pets' are precious to us so we want the best for them at all costs.   
          Year after year our pets' suffer from ongoing ailments through
          no fault of their own.  
          In India they don't refer to Neem Oil as 'sacred' for nothing and
          truly value Neem to safely treat on humans, animals & plants    
          for many different skin problems & various diseases. HORSE LICE 
               NEEM OIL FOR HORSES & DOGS...  
        Neem can help with fleas, ticks, intestinal parasites, sandfly and  
        mange mites & ringworm.  It promotes a healthy shiny coat and    
        improves the condition of the skin, also boosting a stronger        SANDFLY 
           immune system!    
           If your horse or dog has any skin problems' whether from a fungus  
           related problem or annoying biting insects, Neem Oil will help.  
             There are 2 choices how you can treat your 4 legged friends'
             quite simply by the use of a shampoo or a spray, either way you FLEAS 
             can make both yourself, cheaply & cost effectively.    
             Here's what we recommend...  
                 APPLICATION:  Shampoo  
             Add 1ml - 5ml of 100% Organic Neem Oil to every 100ml of your   TICKS 
                   normal dog shampoo, depending on how serious the problem.    
             *  The shampoo acts as an emulsifier which helps it mix.  
             *  Mix the shampoo with warm water first, then add the Neem Oil.  
            *  Apply & leave it in for a while, if you can - it does smell!  
          *   Bear in mind Neem Oil doesn't work instantly, it takes a while by    
               affecting the eggs and larvae.   FLY REPELLENT
             *   In serious cases bathe your dog at least once a fortnight.  
             Always use 100% Organic pure Neem Oil.  
                  APPLICATION:  Spray
            *   2.5ml of 100% Organic Neem Oil.   horse and hound
             2ml of mild soap.
            *   0.5 litre of warm water.  
             Shake to keep mixed.  
              Please note:  Naturally when making your shampoo or spray for  
                 horses you will need to increase the amounts!    
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